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Hi! We are Jen, Terry and Ethan, full-time nomadic adventurers and travel bloggers. In January 2017, we sold our house, quit our jobs and took our one-year-old travelling around the world. Want to quit the rat race and take your family on the road? Let us show you how.


So who are we? 

In short, we are the family that are in search of a different lifestyle.  We decided we’d had enough of 9-5, nursery and long commutes, and it was time to make a change. We quit the rat race, sold all of our processions, and hit the road in a motorhome to start a new life touring Europe. All this with a one-year-old and no real plan for the future. Brave? Yes, we get called brave a lot. Crazy? We are not. We love to travel and it’s something that motivates us. We want our son to grow up seeing his mum and dad every day and experiencing the beauty the world has to offer.


Where did it all begin?

The Jen and Terry show began back in 2003, Terry and I met at University and we both knew we wanted to travel once we graduated. And sure enough, we did.  The trip was on a shoestring; hostels, public transport and a lonely planet to guide us. It was everything a backpacking trip should be. We travelled Africa, Asia, India, Canada, Europe, South America, Central America and New Zealand.

So this is a whole other story….google ‘Marmite Wedding Couple’ for more!

See the Jen and Terry Show blog here for the full (babyless) adventure! 

Travel was well and truly in our blood, and it was very difficult for us to return home 3 years later.  So, we decided to up sticks from our home town and move to Bristol which we called home for 6 years.

We then took a different type of adventure and brought our little cheeky boy, Ethan into the world. He’s already travelled with us to Croatia where we visited 10 cities in 10 days when he was just 7 months old. We’ve been told travel doesn’t have to stop when you have a baby, so after 9 months of waiting and 9 more months of getting used to being responsible for another little human, the time is now to get back out there and put this to the test.

Travel As They Grow
Looking over the mountains of Andulucia, Spain

Calling the world home

There’s nothing like the feeling of packing up your life, clearing out the unnecessaries and starting a new chapter. We’ve done it over and over again, and it came to no surprise when we told our family and friends that we’d had enough of suburbia and 9-5’s and we are ready for a new adventure. Ok, so it’s a brave move, yes many have said it, and a completely unthinkable move to some, but for us, it makes perfect sense. The world is out there for us to see, and what better way to watch our little one grow up.

So here’s our story in a nutshell and this blog is a story of our journey. Two everyday people who love travel and are embarking on a life on the road with a one-year-old.

We hope we can inspire you to do the same and live your dream whatever it is. If you love to travel and have a family, travel offers so much excitement, experience and amazing memories. Don’t let fear get in your way, if we can do it, you can do it!

Want to get in touch? Email us on hello@travelastheygrow.com or via our facebook page below.

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