Do you feel brave?

So yesterday I was called brave twice. Well ok, I managed 36 hours of child birth on gas and air alone, thats pretty brave. I’ve jumped out of planes, white water rafted and swam in hippo and croc investment waters – thats pretty brave too. But they brave they are referring to isn’t extreme sport related or even child birth, it’s the giving up everything you currently own and moving into a motorhome. Oh and with a one year old in tow.

In this current economic climate, jumping off the property ladder is either crazy or wonderfully clever. Only time will tell. It’s been a rising property market across the whole of the UK, property has become unaffordable to many people our age, and has reached it’s peak for now it’s believed. Who knows where next year and all the brexit concerns that follow will present the market. All we know is that by selling we are free of the constraints of society and have no asset to worry about.

We spent some time evaluating the potentials of selling and renting and did spreadsheets galore in order to come to the right decision. We actually decided to rent it out to begin with, the profits weren’t large but at the time we thought it was better to have somewhere to come back to should it all go pete tong.  Then one day, we received a note through the door offering us over what it was previously valued at. We thought maybe this is a sign, maybe we should take the good offer and sell it!

If we kept it on the market, and the economy dropped, or we got crap tenants, and they upped and left, or the boiler breaks etc etc, we’d be left with a lot of stress and hassle, not to mention months of trying to sell it later on.

Ultimately it came down to feeling. Terry did not feel the house any longer. He wanted a fresh start away from noisy neighbours and horribly long commutes, away from nursery and mortgage payments. I, on the other hand, probably as a woman and a mother, feel slightly differently. My heart strings play a part and it’s hard for me to completely detach myself from the house and the memories, and of course the comforts of home! (Only would we venture on this path in the winter!).

I am so looking forward to being on the road and watching it all fall into place. Finally then will I truly feel brave.

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