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So after weeks of deliberating between a campervan or a motorhome, we decided to go with a little bit of luxury on the road..well buying a vehicle that had a toilet and shower! We picked up a 2005 CI motorhome in ok condition. We decided we’d have it as a little project to do up before we left.

The motorhome came with the usual granny interior so I reupholstered the seat covers and curtains to give the home a modern twist. We were quoted £800 for a professional, but (although obviously not as good) I did it on £50 all in. I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Motorhome DIY

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Motorhome DIY

A photo posted by Travel As They Grow (@travelastheygrow) on

As we are planning on doing voluntary projects across Europe, we will be off grid for quite some time with no hook up, so we installed a pretty beefy solar panel on the roof. This will give us the much needed electricity for lights, phones and laptops of course! I also want to pop in some nice twinkle lights for those cosy evenings in the van!

Whilst deciding on our ‘next home’, we weighed up where Ethan would sleep. We weren’t keen on co-sleeping for the whole journey as he is a wriggler and likes to sleep horizontally in the bed, so we decided to go with an overhead cab so he has his own space. However the mother in me thought that’s not that safe as he would be pretty high up! So Terry devised a pretty cool baby trap so there was no way of him falling out! Perfect!

Pic to come soon!

With some new stickers on the outside, and a bit of a shine, our new little home ‘CiCi’ is ready!


A photo posted by Travel As They Grow (@travelastheygrow) on


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