Baby Bjorn

With so many baby carriers on the market (I read an estimated 25 million were sold in 2015!), it is a job to find the right one for you and your baby (plus anyone else like dad or grandma who’d like to share the load)!

I used a beautiful sling when Ethan was first born. It’s not only a lovely bonding experience, but also great for keeping your hands free to get stuff done!

When Ethan was a little stronger in the head department, we moved him over to a Baby Bjorn and it was fab. Terry could wear it no problem, and it was nice and easy for myself to get on and off as well.

It has a pretty sleek design and a two piece solution which means you can lay your baby down if they fall asleep (and let’s face it, one of the best thing about slings and carriers is the instant snooze effect). Also you can have your baby front facing for a period of time, which they absolutely love! Now there is lots of information online about the recommended ages for carrying forward facing due to their hips and leg placements so I would recommend doing a little research before you make your mind up on that.

It was so comfortable to wear and until he reached 10 months old, we didn’t have any trouble carrying him in the Baby Bjorn. However, once his legs hung down too far, Terry especially had to stop using it for fear of getting kick in the *** if you catch my drift!

Travel As They Grow Verdict: 7/10 for the Baby Bjorn. Well worth purchasing for your travel trips away!

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