Mummy Mitts

Mummy Mitts

I love a good recommendation from a fellow mum. You know if another mum loves an accessory it means it’s not only useful, but helps with getting you out the door quicker! And we all know we need to keep things simple and easy when we’ve got little ones in tow.

Mummy Mitts are one of the best pushchair accessories I have bought so far. My neighbour actually introduced them to me, and said they are a must for the winter so off I popped to buy some to try out myself.

No longer do we have to push our pushchairs in the freezing weather and have to hassle of taking our gloves off when our mobile rings or we need to grab a snack for our bubbas. They are warm and fleecy inside and waterproof on the outside, so perfect to face all that the winter weather brings us.


Mummy mitts! See our product review at!

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They velcro onto the handlebars of the pushchair and are universal fitting so even the fellas can pop their hands in to get toasty on their daddy days out!

They retail for around £18.00 and can be picked up from the suppliers website or various online retailers.

I’ve also seen that Mummy Mitts have just introduced Bubby Mitts which attach to the sleeve of your child. We all know how frustrating it is to get home and spot just one mitten on one hand, and the other no where to be seen! They are also weatherproof with a comfy fleece lining, and best of all machine washable to clean off all the residue from those snotty noses!  I’ll be sure to test these out soon too!

TRAVEL AS THEY GROW VERDICT: 8/10. Be great if there some more colours to choose from!

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