1. Santander – Aire – Cabarceno – GPS N43°21.486 w003°49.186

Felt safe? – Yes, there were quite a few other motorhomers on site, and it was next to a quiet village.

Amenities available? – Yes everything available and nice flat pitches.

This Aire is around 40 minutes from Santander ferry port. It has all the amenities required, is peaceful and you get to see some elephants in the national park next door. It also backs on to a lovely lake.

Cabarceno Aire - Motorhome with a baby

2. Santillana Del Mar – Tourist Information Carpark – GPS N43°23.12.657 W4°6.40.829

Felt safe? – Yes, it’s just outside the tourist information and Santillana del Mar is a quiet, sleepy town.

Amenities available? – No amenities available here. Just nice flat parking bays.

This carpark is fantastic. It’s large so there are lots of space for motorhomers. It is literally in the centre of the town so a great location for exploring what Santillana del Mar has to offer.

Santillana Del Mar - Motorhome Site

3. Comillas – Beachfront carpark – GPS N43° 23.415′ W4° 17.413′

Felt safe? – This is an open carpark next to the beach so is used by locals and day visitors. Yes we felt safe sleeping overnight and was lovely to hear the ocean.

Amenities available? – There is fresh drinking water available.

We originally planned to stay overnight at the Playa de Oyambre national park after spotting the location on searchforsites. However, due to the sand you can no longer overnight here. You can however overnight at Comillas, in the carpark at the beachfront. This is open to motorhomers from September to June only.


4. Fuente De – Parador Car Park – GPS N43°144.430 W-4° 811.670′

Felt safe? – Yes, this carpark is directly outside the parador de Fuente De and until 7pm there are plenty of others around. We were the only motorhome overnight and felt very safe.

Amenities available? – There is fresh drinking water available.

This is outside of the Fuente De parador and there are lovely large bays for motorhomes. If you go in winter, prepare for the cold as there wsa snow on the ground (Jan 2017).

Fuente De

5. Gijon – Marine Parade Car Park – GPS Unknown

Felt safe? – Yes, this is a lovely carpark overlooking the sea. It had many other motorhomers and lovely large bays. In a very safe area with a park for children close by.

Amenities available? – No amenities

This carpark was a random and fantastic find. If you follow the beach to the east (when looking at the beach), you will see a carpark. Follow around past the carpark and keep going. You will then either spot some motorhomes on the left or you will see a carpark. It’s a lovely spot with large bays and a great kids play park next door. It’s a 45 minute walk to the centre of the beach.

6. Lugo – Aire – University – GPS N43°00.281 W007°33.712

Felt safe? – Yes, perfectly safe here. A basic Aire in the university carpark.

Amenities available? – Yes for drainage, however the fresh water tap has been broken off.

This Aire is quite basic, but is a good stop over on a long journey. It is up a steep hill with a set on traffic lights on the hill so best in second gear! The fresh water tap is broken, so no water fill up here.

Coming up: Santiago de Compostela, Las Medulas, Zamora, Avilas and Segovia!

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