Early morning, a suitcase and a baby Bjorn. Could only mean one thing…


I cannot believe it has been over 2 years since we have blogged. Since we have travelled abroad. Left the shores of the U.K. It’s insane but I am not sad about that.

A lot has changed in 2 years. We have bought a house in Bristol. A lovely little house on the end of a lovely street with some lovely neighbours. We also made a human being. A little boy. We named him Ethan Lenny Atlas Constant. I suppose we should change the name of the blog to add our little adventurer!

Well after labour and mortgages, we’ve decided we just NEED a break and a trip, and a reason to get excited. We are taking our 7 month old abroad, to Croatia.

Many may say we are crazy, many may laugh and say it cannot be done. We’ve been told to cut our usual style of cram as much in as possible in half, or even a third but oh no, we are sure he will live up to his name!


So it’s 3.30am now.

We’ve had that dreaded 3am alarm wake up call and horrible ‘it’s far too early’ shower and we are doing the last bits of packing.

Going well so far, but we haven’t woken the little one yet….

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