The Magic of Cadiz – Why this is an Area Worth Your Time

Lakes of Cadiz

Captivating is the word I would use for the Cadiz region of Spain. From the mountain towns of Ubrique to the beaches of Conil de la Frontera, and the lakes of Bornos and Acros de Frontera, you could think you were in three different countries all in one day.

It’s Pueblos Blancos are spectacular with hidden towns and villages all covered in white appearing as you meander your way along the mountain roads. Walking through the streets almost transforms you into a local as you sip coffee and watch the kids play in the pedestrian cobbled areas.

It’s a truly breathtaking drive and visit to this area and worth every twist and turn of the mountains.


The white village of Zahara de la Sierra has one of the most stunning settings in the province of Cadiz, if not the whole of Andalucia.

As you drive on the A382 road, which links Arcos de la Frontera with Antequera, or the A376 from Seville to Ronda, you see a castle built on a rocky peak high above the turquoise waters of a lake. Scattered below it, are the whitewashed houses of Zahara de la Sierra.

Lakes of Cadiz
Bornos Spanish Lake
Bornos, the beautiful mountain lake. Great parking spot!


The beaches on this stretch of the coast are just gorgeous. Flat, yellow sand and the light rush of a turquoise coloured wave greats you as you make it to the ocean. There are some fantastic wild camping spots right on the seafront (See Spain map for details soon) and you could just spend days and days exploring.

There are some fantastic walks you can do here and a great resource for this is Walking World. I’ve added the link here:

Beautiful beaches


This is just one of the many Pueblos Blancos, and it’s truly something. Covered in white houses, the tiny streets of Ubrique wind around the main square and just a stroll makes you feel like a local. There is a special family feel to the town with children laughing and playing all along the main strip.

Ubrique’s history dates back to prehistoric times, and you can clearly see the Moorish and Roman influences. The mountain top cross looking over the city is something to admire. Legend says when this cross falls, the city will fall also. Let’s hope the rocks are steady up there!

Ubrique Town
Ubrique View
Walking the streets of Ubrique

Cadiz is magical and has something for everyone. It is well worth a week or more of exploring. You are sure to be amazed at every turn by the landscape, the towns and villages as well as the lovely, smiley welcoming people.

Check out the local tourist board information website to plan your trip:

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