Plitvice dreams and Sinj relax

This morning, Ethan decided to wake up at 5.30am. At the time I was desperately trying to get him to close his eyes again but he wasn’t having any of it and in hindsight he did us a favour.

We arrived to the gates of the national park at 8am and it was still a cool 25c so much better for a hike in the park. We were glad of the bit of cloud in the sky too as we prepare ourselves for a 3 hour hike with the baby Bjorn (definitely not a hike for pushchairs!). 

Once in the park, we were greeted by lush waterfalls everywhere, stunning blue lakes and the sounds of birds and butterflies. It was dreamy. 

Ethan did brilliantly and was fascinated by everything around him and all of the noises of the water and nature. Pleasure to see his little face all inquisitive. 

After walking and taking a boat ride back to the car, we travelled for 2 hours to Sinj, a rural Croatian town which literally has zero tourists for a chill out afternoon and evening. It’s so quiet here, just us and a huge garden and balcony overlooking Split. 

We’ve truly been spoilt with accommodation so far. Ordering in a pizza tonight and having an evening with the doors open, the fresh air coming in and enjoying the time with my little family. Loving it. 

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