Croatia – the Constants have arrived!

There it is. That magical feeling. Close your eyes for a moment and picture the moment when you walk off the aeroplane and feel the heat of the sun on your face. We made it. Bliss. Blue skies, mountain views and the smell of foreign travel.  Bliss (did I say that twice?).

The view as you fly into Split is breathtaking. Lots of islands dotted around the wide ocean that shine bright in the midday sun. 

We thought the easiest way to see this country was by car. We aren’t ones for holiday packages or laying by the pool, so I made a plan. A nine day trip to see all of the sights. 7 cities in 9 days. Ambitious we may be, but I’m sure it can be done. 

Terry had to keep reminding himself to drive on the opposite side the road and he soon got he hang of it. We’ve brought along mums sat nav which hilariously (and rather annoyingly) has Terry’s voice recorded so Terrys voice told us to take the next left and second right and telling jokes along the way! 

We made it to our Air bnb apartment, literally seconds from the Diocletians Palace. Our apartment has a sea view. It overlooks the palace and the ocean, and it’s beautiful inside. It has a king size bed and no cot so we will be co-sleeping tonight. Thank god for the aircon which is a must when you are sharing your bed with a little oven! 

We fed him veggie lasagna and fruit for lunch and got ourselves out exploring Happiness for Terry and I is exploring, the feeling of not taking a map and letting your senses be your guide. It’s refreshing and Ive missed it. Literally haven’t had the smile off my face all day. It’s amazing what a little foreign travel does to me! 

We explored the walls of the Diocletian and walked the streets of Split. Taking in the history and the sights. We needed to wet down a wet wipe for Ethan so he had some respite as he was getting pretty toasty but he did really well. No tears so far!

After a lovely afternoon in the old town, we went back to the apartment to relax and let Ethan sleep. Although he didn’t and he soon got over tired and the tears came! Soon settled with a bottle and we were showered and off out to Bacvice, the closest beach to Split.

It was quiet down there, just lots of families spending time together enjoying the water. Such a pleasure to watch families and even young children enjoy a Tuesday evening without TV and being stuck indoors. 

We ate, drank and Ethan fell asleep in his pushchair. Lush day in Split. Day one a success! 

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