Easyjet as easy as 1,2,3 with a baby

So when you think of flying with a baby, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Stress, uncomfortable, worried that you might upset people around you because your baby is screaming? Well I’m going to tell you that I experience none of that and the process was rather pleasant!

When we arrived at the check in desk, we put our suitcase on the scales. Now you can just imagine what itwould be like packing for 2 people and one mini person (but needs more than the both of you combined) into one suitcase – especially on our first trip abroad as a family.

The limit was 20kgs, and of course ours went over to 21.7kg. Oops. We thought Easyjet would be slightly lenient considering we had a baby in tow but not this time around. We needed to get it down to 21kgs so we did some quick moving and shaking and voila, no problemo. With a few extra clothes on and some baby rattles in the bag, we were ready to go through security.

Security was interesting. A baby, a car seat, 2 hand luggages, bottles with water in them and baby powder.  Everything needed to be check and even the water tested! We took some extra time getting through but again, all fine.

Next up was the gate call. It felt like a million miles away but we made it and were put in the priority aisle.

http://travelastheygrow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Travel-As-They-Grow-Travel-Family-Easy-Jet-Selfie.jpgOnce the plane was ready, we took him out in the pushchair, collapsed it down (it’s two parts and that was fine!) and popped on to a nice empty plane before it filled up with passengers.











As we were departing I gave Ethan a bottle in the hope he would take it and the sucking motion will help his ears adjust. It worked! He fell asleep with his ear muffs on (great tip to rid the noise) and he slept for 20 minutes.

Now on our mission to get out and ensure everything was packed for Ethan, we forgot food for ourselves and we are both pretty hungry now. The only thing easyjet offer to vegetarians is some lame cheese roll. Think I’d rather go hungry…

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