Magical Mljet Island

I’m starting this blog from the small lake at Mljet island. It’s emerald green and sparkling in the sunshine. There was no one here when we arrived an hour ago by car ferry but it’s starting to build up with others enjoying the surroundings. The lake is so inviting. It calls you in every few minutes to cool you off. Even Ethan loves it. All those swimming lessons were worth it! He absolutely loves the water.

I’m now writing the blog from our balcony in Korzukari on Mljet. It’s one of only 4 houses in this little remote village and has stunning views of the ocean and the mainland. It’s also fun to see all of the village children jumping into the crystal clear water and laughing at each other splash. What a special island. It kind of feels like Jurassic park, without the dinosaurs of course.

Ethan again was amazing, just took it all in his stride. After getting up at 4am to catch the 7am ferry, we travelled for 20 minutes on the island to the national park. We put him in the carrier to visit the lakes and he loved it. Plodding along with Terry and looking all around. He was fascinated by all of the butterflies and flowers. We took 2 boats trips in the park also and he was giggling away when the wind was in his face. Too cute.

We swam this afternoon again and chilled on the beach, although this particular beach was stony so a little hard on the back, although some do pay a lot of money for hot stones massages! 

Ethan fell asleep at 6pm so after lots of food given to up by our host, and my homemade bruschetta, we just relaxed and watched the sun go down on another successful day in Croatia. 

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