A little bit of luxury to end Ethan’s first holiday

We were so excited for today. I booked us a luxury apartment with a pool to finish our trip. I wanted Terry to really see Ethan in action in the swimming pool. It’s surprising that swimming pools are actually quite hard to come by in Croatia. I guess primarily because their beaches are so spectacular that they aren’t wholly required.

After department Mljet Island on the ferry, we drove up what is called the Maskarska Riveria. It’s stunning. Mountains to one side and ocean to the other. We were headed for a small village by the ocean called Tucepi, and we arrived to a beautiful mountainside retreat complete with plush apartment and pool all to ourselves! 

We spent a few hours lazing by the pool, swimming and just admiring the view, and how perfect for those few hours life was. Ethan didn’t sleep all afternoon so crashed at 6pm. Luckily we had a balcony so could watch as the sun went down on another day and the sky turn to a thousand stars. 

Trouble with having a baby who goes to sleep at 6, no tv or Internet, is that at 6pm you are pretty much stuck in that one place so we got the cards out and has a championship of rummy. It seems to be he only 2 player card game we know! 

Another fantastic day in paradise. 

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