Homeward Bound

There’s nothing better than rocking up to a random town only to fall in love with it and imagine yourself living there. We imagined Ethan playing on the beach with all of his friends after school, jumping in the crystal clear waters and having so much fun. There was an amazing mix of families, old men playing chess and young girls and boys playing football and eating ice cream. 

We stayed at Kastel Novi last night, what we thought was just a little airport town but happened to be one of our favourite places in Croatia.

After spending the morning in the pool at Tucepi, we left around midday for an hour and half drive to Kastel Novi. Ethan (and I) slept pretty much the whole way which was a bonus although we missed out on what terry called some epic views.

After arriving at our accommodation in Kadtel Novi, we went out to explore. The streets are cobbled and the buildings are all squeezed in together with beautiful old stone and window features. The old ladies sit on their porches watching the world go by. This really wasn’t a tourist town which we loved. We really got the sense of real Croatia. 

We had our last meal out of lasagna and of course pizza which was delicious and strolled back along the seafront (grabbing an ice cream along the way) to our apartment. 

Another perfect day and ending to our trip. 

So in summary it’s been a blast. It was relaxed, adventurous and exploratory. We got to see the main highlights of the country. Travel 8 cities in 9 days. Walked up waterfalls, swam in the turquoise seas, ate in some beautiful restaurants, explored some fascinating towns and watched our boy experience his first adventure. As our lovely friend Margherita would say ‘great success!’ 

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